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Farewell Year 6 2015 and Hello Year 7 2016

Hello World,

On Tuesday the Ist of December  it was year 6 sixes at my school last day of the junior school forever. This year we have done many exciting things such as Camp, Year 7 orientation day and many more things. One of the things I thoroughly enjoyed was the year 6 final assembly and dinner. Both of these things were so fun and sad because it was our last assembly ever in the junior school.  Year 6 has definitely been an excellent year for all of us and we all enjoyed year 6. I thought I might share some memories about year 6 our final year of the junior school ever.

 My favourite memories were:

The first day of year 6. Looking around our new classroom with no doors in between both year 6 classrooms. Finding out who was in our class and being with most of our friends.


Our new furniture. Our new funky tables, chairs, high table and splats. Everyone being really excited about the new furniture. Everyone wanting to sit on the splats and high tables.


The Little mermaid the musical. Everyone in the junior school in costumes and shining brightly on stage. This was definitely a favourite memory for everyone in the junior school. Also I enjoyed being Adella a mersister in the Little Mermaid. Waiting behind the curtains waiting to  go on stage and perform.  This was definitely one of my favourite memories. 


Getting our year 6 badges at assembly. This was really exciting because we were acknowledged for our leadership roles that we have achieved. This was really exciting because all of the junior school knows that we are all leaders no matter what leadership role we had.


The year 6 final assembly in the junior school. All of the year 6 girls sang Hall of Fame and received our graduation certificates at the assembly. All our parents were there as well as the rest of the junior school. Some girls in year 6 were fortunate to read about Kindy, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year and Year 6. I was fortunate to read about Kindy with Lily another year 6 girl because we have been at the school since Kindergarten. We read about all our memories about this year. There were also photos of year 6 since Kindergarten when we were cute and tiny.

After we shared our memories about the Junior School we got our graduation certificates with a photo of all of year 6 all together.  Kindy to year 5 sang May God Bless you. It was absolutely adorable listening to all of them singing this song to us. Some of the year 6 girls cried since we were leaving the junior school. Some girls cried because they had been at the school since Kindy so it was quite sad. I also cried when the rest of the junior school was singing May God Bless you and when some girls were reading their memories of the junior school. After they had sang May God Bless you year 6 and our parents got to leave the JYA before Kindy to year 5 did. I definitely enjoyed the year 6 final assembly. 


Year 6 dinner. This was my favourite memory in the junior school ever. Dancing and singing to our favourite songs with all our friends and having a fun and enjoyable night. Having dinner and year nine girls serving us dinner. Having heaps of fun with our friends chatting and dancing.


Our passion projects. Blogging about our passion project and looking at everyone’s passion projects. This was definitely extremely fun looking at each other’s passion projects.


Our CYOA. Writing our own stories and getting people voting what should happen next in our CYOA. This was extremely fun and it was a great way to learn more writing skills and making our stories better.


Going to Canberra and us visiting New Parliament House, Old Parliament House, Questacon, the Australian War Memorial, Telstra Tower, the Australian Institution of Sport and many more interesting and amazing places.

Going to Cockatoo Island and Chowder Bay. It involved long bush walks, ferry rides, a transport challenge, kite making and flying, camping, rafting snorkelling and many more fun and enjoyable activities.


Peer Support. Leading a group of kindy to year 5 girls. Improving our leadership skills. Teaching the younger years about friendship and other things. Working with Imogen and leading our peer support group. Also getting to know some of the younger girls was good.  


Party Day. This included two jumping castles, singing and dancing in the OLC, free time in the pool and having a sausage sizzle. I really enjoyed party day because this was our last one in the junior school. Also swimming, singing and dancing with friends was excellent.


Junior School Prize giving. I was fortunate to get two certificates for swimming. I was also fortunate to get one trophy for Junior School MC sports prize. This was a great achievement to get these three awards. Some girls in years 3 to 6 were able to get Citizenship, Commitment to Personal Best and Academic Excellence. In 6T Tess got Citizenship, Georgia, Imogen and Mia got Commitment to Personal Best and Ella, Gemma and Izzy got Academic Excellence. Everyone else who didn’t get one of these prizes got a certificate. In year 6 some girls were fortunate to get Special Academic Awards.

Izzy got the English Prize, Ella got the Mathematics Prize and the Science Prize, Georgia got the Inquiry Prize, Darcey got the Writers Prize, Claire got the Visual Arts Prize, Sophie W got the Music Prize, Amber got the French Prize, Olivia got Debating Prize, Gabrielle in year 5 got the Public Speaking Prize, Lea got the Christian Studies Prize, Ella got the Dux of the Junior School Prize, Gemma got the Junior School Captain’s Award, Olivia got the Vice Captain’s Award, Lea got the Jacqueline Farrar Memorial Prize, Isabella got the Mavis Honey Memorial Prize and Gemma got The Rotary Club School Award for the best all rounded. At Prize Giving the Junior School sang Shooting Star but with lyrics that we made up. This means that year 6 is officially over which is quite sad but really exciting because we will be in year 7 next year 2016.

I would like to thank our amazing teachers that we have had this year. Without our fantastic teachers we would not be able to do these fun and interesting activities. All the teachers have been excellent, kind and nice all the time.

Friendship. Friendship has definitely been my favourite thing this year.  Some of my really good friends are leaving but I won’t name names. I can’t wait to see who I will be friends with next year.

Having a Blog. This was a great experience having my own blog. I especially enjoyed writing all of my posts. This was definitely one of my favourite things in year 6 2015.

Being a good example to the younger girls. This was a great experience having a leadership role and being a good example to the younger girls. I really enjoyed the younger girls looking up at all the year 6 girls. This was definitely a great experience.

Year 7 orientation day. This included meeting new girls, trying out different subjects, Profiling and having Lunch and Morning Tea with the new girls. This was definitely one of my favourite things this year. Meeting Katelyn D, Sophie T, Scarlett, Soph P and Caitlin B who are now my friends in year 7 2016.

Bye Junior School forever you have been fantastic but hello year 7 senior school. I will definitely miss the Junior School but I am really looking forward to next year in year 7 2016. Thank you so much Junior School you have been the best.

I would just like to say one more thing Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope everyone will have a wonderful holiday and Christmas with family and friends.

Keep Blogging,


Student Blogging Challenge Week 8

Hello World,

This week’s student blogging challenge was a game. I had to comment on people’s blogs. As I have also had a busy week (Year 6 graduation)  I only did the game 3 times.

Game 1


http://phillipmast.edublogs.org/ Count 1

http://ethancaba14.edublogs.org/2015/05/28/friendship/#comment-232 Count 2

I  left a comment on the post

http://rhiannap15.edublogs.org/2015/10/30/what-i-am-thankful-for/#comments Count 3


Hi Rhianna,

I really enjoyed reading your post about what I am thankful for. I am also really thankful for my family and friends. I also really like your blog and I think it is fantastic.



Game 2

http://briannal27kns.edublogs.org/ count 1

http://sashat27kns.edublogs.org/ Count 2


I left a comment on the post –



Hi Charlotte,

I really enjoyed reading your post about what animal you would be for a day. If I was an animal for the day I would want to be a Dolphin. I think that your post was interesting since you wanted to be a Hyena. I loved how you described why you would want to be a Hyena. I also really like your blog and it is very interesting your blog.



Game 3

https://projectlife.edublogs.org/ Count 1

http://b19ah15.edublogs.org/ Count 2

I left a comment on this post-

http://j4ah15.edublogs.org/2015/05/08/12-facts-about-me/  Count  3


Hi Scotty,

I really enjoyed reading about 12 facts about you. I am also in year 6 and my favourite colour is Blue as well. I also quite like Soccer and my favourite sport is Swimming. I think that your post was really interesting and that it was fantastic. I also really like your blog and it is interesting.



I hope you enjoyed reading my post for this weeks student blogging challenge.

Keep Blogging,


Student Blogging Challenge Week 7

 Hello World,

This week’s topic is nature. Our task was to write about something in nature as long as it wasn’t man made. I have chose to write about short beaked common dolphin.



Short beaked common dolphin main sources of food are fish and squid. Feeding usually occurs at night and then they rest during the day. They have up to 57 pairs of teeth on both the upper and lower jaws that they can use to help them hold the prey. They can consume about 5% of their body weight daily.



The Short  Beaked Common Dolphin weigh as much as 440 pounds and they can be 2.7 metres long. They are also mammals which means that they give birth to baby dolphins. The Dolphins pups stay with their mother for about six years and drink milk and start eating fish at about six months old. Most pups are born in Summer and Spring. Their back is dark grey to dark black starting from the top of the head continuing down to the tail. The dolphin’s belly is white to creamy-white with a gray colored tail.



The dolphins live in bodies of water that have a warm temperature. Short beaked common dolphins are usually in deeper waters up to 590 feet deep.



They are also very social and live in large groups called pods. In a pod there are about 10,000 or less. This dolphin takes part in a variety of different behaviors. This include somersaults, pitch poling, breaching, and bow riding.They are very active and they move through the water effortlessly. They are also playful so they spend time teasing each other.


Where are they found?

They can be seen as far north as Northern California and Japan, and reach far south as the southern tip of Africa, South Australia and New Zealand. They are also found in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf. They also sometimes are in bays and rivers.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s post.

Keep Blogging,


Memories of the Junior School

Hello World,

I thought I might share with you some of my memories of the junior school. This is because in 4 weeks I will finish the junior school forever!!!! I find this really sad but I am really looking forward to next year in year 7.

What I will look forward to:

  •  The new girls
  • The different teachers
  • Different subjects
  • Sports and camp

I will miss:

  • All the teachers
  • The cute kindy and year 1 girls who will grow up so quickly
  • Sport and Camps

Here are some of my memories of the Junior School:

Kindergarten  2009:

  • My teacher
  • Being the oldest in kindy
  • Meeting all the other kindy girls
  • Having wonderful buddies who are now in year 12 and about to finish school!!
  • All the excursions
  • Little Assembly which was for Kindergarten to year 2
  • Being the smallest and cutest
  • Having ICT, Music, Library, English, Maths and of course Art
  • The weekly Assemblies and Chapels
  • Celebrating Birthday’s

Year 1 2010

  • My Teacher
  • Not being the tiniest
  • Meeting three new girls- Bella, Olivia and Anjali
  • Having wonderful buddies who are nearly in year 12!
  • All the excursions
  • Little Assembly which was for Kindergarten to year 2
  • Having subjects
  • The weekly Assemblies and Chapels
  • Celebrating Birthday’s

Year 2 2011

  • My Teacher
  • No longer being the smallest and cutest
  • Being the oldest in K-2
  • Meeting two new girls-Charlotte A and Danielle
  • All the excursions
  • Camp
  • Little Assembly for the last year
  • Subjects
  • Celebrating Birthday’s
  • Weekly Assemblies and Chapels
  • The Musical Johan Man Jazz

Year 3 2012

  • My teacher
  • Meeting all the new girls in my class- Sophie W, Izzy, and Tess
  • Being in 3-6
  • No longer the smallest or cutest now
  • Choir for years 3 to 6
  • Having heaps of fun
  • Weekly Assemblies and Chapels
  • Having The Athletics and swimming carnival
  • Over night camp for two days and one night
  • Being in new classrooms
  • All the different subjects
  • Public Speaking
  • Peer Support

Year 4 2013

  • My Teacher
  • Meeting all the new girls in my class- Jessica, Peri, Elspeth, Maddie Z, Ella and Imogen
  • Being in 3-6
  • Having Surf Education
  • Weekly Assemblies and Chapels
  • Going on camp
  • Homework
  • Athletics and Swimming Carnival
  • Being in 4F
  • Doing projects with Imogen
  • Going on some excursions
  • All the Subjects
  • Peer Support

Year 5 2014

  • My Teacher
  • Listening to his funny jocks
  • Being in 5-6
  • Being in 5A
  • Having heaps of fun
  • Homework
  • Subjects
  • Three Day camp and two nights
  • All the new girls in my class- Georgie, Annabelle, Lucy M, Lucinda, Sienna and Elle
  • Meeting all the new girls
  • Athletics and Swimming Carnival
  • Peer Support
  • Going on two camps in term 1 and 3

Year 6 2015!!!

  • My Teacher
  •  Being in the Voice (SRC)
  • All of year being a good example to the younger girls
  • All the new girls- Sarah M
  • Two camps to Canberra and Cockatoo Island and Chowder Bay
  • Leading Peer Support with Imogen
  • Having a excellent last year of the junior school
  • Having Leadership roles
  • Athletics and Swimming Carnival
  • The Fundraisers
  • Being in the selective choir
  • Meeting all the new girls for year 7
  • Year 7 orientation day
  • Being in 6T
  • Having Junior School Assemblies and Chapels for the last year
  • All of year 6 being great leaders to the younger girls no matter what leadership role we had
  • Everything else about Year 6
  • Last year of the Junior School Forever
  • Learning from our mistakes
  • All the Fundraisers

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my memories in the Junior School. I know that I will miss the junior school but I am really looking forward to Year 7 2016. I hope all next year’s year sixes at my school will enjoy their fun and last year of the Junior School. I know you will be excellent leaders no matter what leadership role you have.

Keep Blogging,


Student Blogging Challenge Week 5- Food

Student Blogging Challenge week 5 Food

Hello World,

Here is this week’s blogging challenge which is Food. I absolutely love food from all over the world like Thailand, Vietnam, China, and India.


Activity 1:  Write a post on food that is popular in your country.



This is very popular on toast or on a sandwich. It is an extremely well known product in Australia. It is a black-coloured paste which is used as a spread on sandwiches, toast and crackers. It has a smooth but sticky texture and  it is slightly bitter.  You can also use it in pastries. Most kids and adults have this on toast and it is quite healthy to eat. You can also use it in cooking as well as for gravy etc.. It is also really good for growing kids. There is also a vegemite song! Here is the song for Vegemite-




This is also a very popular at parties, home or even at school. It is a dessert in Australia.  Lamingtons are sometimes served as two halves with a layer of cream or strawberry jam between the two halves. They are found in cafes, homes and supermarkets. Lamingtons are made out of icing sugar, cocoa, butter, milk and desiccated coconut. You can also get other lamington flavours such as Lemon Lamingtons, Raspberry Lamingtons and strawberry Lamingtons.



Pavlova is extremely popular for Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations. It is a meringue cake with a crisp crust, it is usually topped with fruit and some people like to have whipped cream as well. On Pavlova you can have things like cream, strawberries, blueberries, mango, raspberries and passionfruit. Pavlova is probably my favourite thing to have at Christmas time. We make ours look like a Christmas Tree with a star on it made out of Pavlova. On our Pavlova we have all type of different berries, whipped cream and ice cream on the side. 



How to make Pavlova-


egg white

caster sugar  






Step 1:

A basic meringue contains 55g (1/4 cup) caster sugar for every 1 egg white. (The addition of cream of tartar and vinegar helps create a soft marshmallow centre and a crisp crust.) Begin by whisking the egg whites in a clean, dry bowl – any grease or moisture will stop your eggs from aerating. Gradually add the sugar, 1 tablespoonful at a time, occasionally scraping down the side of the bowl. Once all the sugar is added, whisk for a further 2-3 minutes or until the mixture is thick and glossy. Undissolved sugar causes “weeping” (when moisture forms on the meringue) so if the mixture is grainy, continue whisking.

Step 2:

Line a baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Draw a disc on the paper and spoon the mixture onto the disc. Use a palette knife to draw the meringue mixture upwards around the edge to create furrows. This will help support the sides of your pavlova, and prevent it from cracking too much and collapsing.

Step 3:

After baking the meringue according to your recipe, turn the oven off. Leave the meringue in the oven, with door ajar, for up to 6 hours to cool completely. If you remove the meringue when it’s still warm it will cool too quickly, and may crack and collapse

download (1)

Aussie Meat Pies

Aussie meat pies are also quite popular as well. It is also quite popular for lunches, home, celebration, parties and some schools even sell them in the tuck shop. The meat pies contain diced or minced meat and gravy. You can also have onion, mushrooms, or cheese in the meat pie.



Photos came from Creative Commons


Activity 2-

Visit Inside Scoops Taco Tuesday post to learn what their students eat for lunch. Comment on their post.



At my school we have to bring our own lunch from school. At my school you are able to order a lunch order. I sometimes have this but mostly once a term I have a lunch order.  I really enjoy making my lunch and bringing it to school.  Usually for lunch I have a healthy salad , an apple and popcorn and crackers.  At school  everyone has  of food from different countries as well.  Some people have  dumplings, salad,  sandwiches and much more. We have Recess and Lunch  at our school. I live in Sydney Australia and that is what I have for lunch each day.




Activity 3:  

Create a poll or survey and embed it into a post

Here is my survey-

Quiz- http://goo.gl/XVxE9M

Results- http://goo.gl/7xjtba

Keep Blogging,



Colourful Fish

Hello World,

Recently our class has been doing the Global Read Aloud 2015. For this we have read the book called Fish and we have decided to draw and print fish. We could decide whatever our fish was like but it had to look realistic.  I really enjoyed drawing and printing fish. I think it was a great art project and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely love to print more things that we do in art. This was my first time printing in art.  I did about 3 different prints and did them on different coloured paper. The first print I did was on a plain piece of paper. The second time I printed I did it on a colourful patterned paper. The last time I printed I did it on sparkly paper. Here are the steps of printing so you can make your own one. Overall this was really fun making and printing the fish.

Here are the steps for Printing-

1. Draw a draft of your fish on normal A4 white paper.

2. Draw a proper picture on paper.

3. Draw or trace your fish on a piece of foam-board. Make sure that you dig in properly to the foam without making a hole.

4. Take the fish foam-board and use a roller to roll the foam with ink. It can be any coloured ink, however make sure that your whole board is covered. Apply a couple of layers to your board, because it often doesn’t come out too strong on the finalised picture.

5. Take a piece of paper and lay the inky board face down onto it, so the ink goes on the paper. Use a different roller to roll thoroughly over the foam board onto the paper.

6. Carefully peel off your foam-board. You should now be staring at a piece of paper, covered with ink, with a white drawing.

Here are my fish that I made-


FullSizeRender 48


Keep Blogging,



Student Blogging Challenge week 4

Hello World,

Here is the next student blogging challenge, which is Celebrating Creativity.

Activity 1: Dress up your blog for Halloween

For my blog I have decided to add a halloween hat which says Happy Halloween. I got the header from pixabay, which is non-copyright.  I kept my theme, but changed the background and header.I choose this because it says Happy Halloween and then people will know that Halloween is soon. I chose the header because it says “Happy Halloween” and it  shows my viewers that it is nearly halloween which is on the 31st of October. 

 Activity 3:  Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween or the History of Halloween.

Since my family is a christian family we do not celebrate Halloween. So I have decided to write about the History of Halloween.

Halloween has been around for years. There is many festive activities relating to halloween including trick or treating, decorating houses,  and telling scary stories.  Halloween is the one of the oldest holidays still celebrated today. It’s one of the most popular holidays, second only to Christmas. Some people view Halloween as a time for fun, putting on costumes, trick-or-treating, and having theme parties. As most christians do they don’t celebrate Halloween. This is because it is worshiping the Devil.

Here are two videos about the History about Halloween. I hope you will enjoy the video.



Keep Blogging,


Student Blogging Challenge Week 3 images

Hello World,

Here is the next student blogging challenge, which is Using Photos.

Activity 1: Write a post about a favourite time with your family.

The first task is to write about your favourite time with your family.  We have to use an image from that favourite time with our family. Here is my:

My favourite time with my family is spending time together. I enjoy this because it includes going on family holidays (usually to Avoca Beach), going overseas with them and just hanging around at home. This year it was my first time going to London, Paris and Vietnam. I really enjoyed this because we explored new places and tried different food. My favourite place to explore with my family was London. I really enjoyed London because we went to Harry Potter Studios, Matilda the Musical, London Bridge and many other places. I also enjoy just spending time with my family at home even if what we are doing is quite boring or really fun. One of the things I really enjoy doing at home is playing board games with them and having family dinners together. One of the things I really like doing since we are a Christian family is going to church together. I really enjoy this because it is fun going there with them. These are just a few of my favourite things to do with my family. Here is a photo in London visiting Windsor Castle.



Activity 2: Write a post about a person who has passed away. 

Great Grandmum was my Granny’s Mum on my Mum’s side. She died last year in July 2015. She used to say to people that she wanted to die and not live any longer since she was very old. Her name is Marjorie. She was born in Sydney and grew up in Pymble (in a house still standing) and went to Abbotsleigh. My Mum was really upset when she died because she was her Grandma. Last year we visited her in the hospital and she looked like she was really ready to die. In hospital she used to eat ice cream and barely anything else. I really enjoyed spending Christmas with her as a family with my cousins, uncles and aunties. I also enjoyed celebrating her birthday with my second cousins, Uncles, Aunties and my other cousins, Uncles and Aunties on my Mum’s side of the family. She also became a Christian as a teenager and encouraged her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to love Jesus. Here is a photo of Great Grandma.


Activity 4. Add at least one new widget to your sidebar

The widget that I chose to add was a Birthday count down. I chose this because I like people to know when my birthday is. I like having widgets like this as I find them very interesting.

Here is my Birthday widget:

Activity 5. What have you learnt about using images on your blog?

I have learnt that you must not use images from the Internet because you don’t have permission from the person who took/created the photo/image. The image does not belong to you so that means you shouldn’t take that image. I also learnt that you should use creative commons. This is because you are able to use those images and you just need to put the credit where you have used that image.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and please feel free to comment.

Keep Blogging,



Year 7 orientation

Hello World,

Last week in Week 1 of Term 4 on Thursday and Friday, Year 6 had their Year 7 orientation.


On Thursday all the old Year 6 girls went to their classroom.  We got our names marked off and then headed to the JYA courtyard where all the new girls were. There were many new girls which was about double the amount of old girls. All of Year 6 including the new girls then went up to Hinemoa to do some tests. The tests were problem solving, maths, reading, writing and spelling. After we did the tests we had a free morning tea which was mini muffins, fruit and red cordial. While we were having morning tea we were able to meet some more new girls.

After we had morning tea we did some more tests until lunch time. We then went downstairs and had lunch which was a sausage in bread. While we were having lunch we could meet some more new girls. After lunch we got into our groups and did some of the different subjects which included Food Tech, Science, Sport, Drama and Art. I was in the blue group with some new girls and some old girls. The first activity I did was Drama which was really fun and interesting. We did many games which were some of the games which we would do next year in Year 7. All these games were great fun and it was fun knowing what we would do next year in Drama. After my group did that we then went into the school hall where we did gymnastics. It was really fun and included bars, beams, vault and floor. After we did our final activity we went to the JYA courtyard where we got dismissed.  We then went home ready for another orientation day on Friday. 


On Friday all the old Year 6 girls went to their classroom. We got our names marked off and then headed off to the JYA courtyard where all the new girls were. All of Year 6 went into the gallery in the hall. While we were there some old Year 7 girls from this year gave a little speech about what it would be like next year. While we were there we also learnt a friendship handshake to do with some new girls. This handshake was really fun learning and it was a great idea to learn it. After we learnt that we then did a scavenger hunt around the middle school courtyard. It was really fun having a look around the middle school and senior school. I even saw some things I had not seen before.

We then had morning tea which was mini chocolate chip biscuits, fruit and red cordial. While we had morning tea we could meet more new girls. After morning tea we went into the JYA where we listened to the music teacher, sport teacher and Mrs S who told us about camp. It was really fun and interesting knowing about sport, camp and music. After we listened to them we had our next session. The blue group did Art which was really fun. In art we drew with our right hand our left hand, not looking at the page and closing our eyes. This was really interesting and fun and I am sure the next year’s year sixes will have heaps of fun doing this activity. After we did art we went to science where we did some interesting experiments. It was really exciting doing science and it looks like heaps of fun next year when we do science.

After we did Science we went and had lunch. For lunch we had party pies, mini sasuage rolls, poppers and mini cupcakes. While we had lunch we played and talked to new girls and got to know some more new girls. It was really fun having lunch with the new girls and old girls from the junior school. After lunch we went to our final activity for the day which was Food Tech. In food tech we made healthy mini pancakes. While we were doing this we were in groups of three. I was with two new girls – Sophie and Lucy. It was great fun doing this activity with some new girls. After we did that we went to the JYA where we had the closing session with the Year 7 adviser. We then went to the JYA courtyard and got some new girls’ contacts so the new girls will know some old girls when they come next year. Overall the Year 7 orientation was heaps and heaps of fun and I’m sure the next year’s Year sixes will have loads of fun. I am really looking forward to Year 7 next year and I am sure it will be heaps of fun!  I will miss the Junior School but I am really looking forward to next year in Year 7. 

Keep Blogging,


Blog Action Day

Hello World,

As part of the student blogging challenge this year, I have chosen to be a part of Blog Action Day. Blog Action Day is one day each year when thousands of bloggers write a post on the same topic. Today (Friday the 16th of October) is Blog Action Day. The theme this year is “Raise your voice.” I have chosen to raise my voice about Global Warming same as Mia who is also taking part of the student blogging challenge.

What is Global Warning?

Global warming is a slow increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere increasing levels of carbon dioxide. reach Earth’s surface and warm it. Some of the radiation is absorbed and some of it bounces off Earth’s surface and into the atmosphere.
Naturally-occurring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrous oxide, methane and other gases  create a blanket. This maintains average temperatures of about 15°C on the Earth’s surface. Increased greenhouse gases would result in more heat being trapped on the planet surface.

How does it affect the earth?

Global Warming also affects animals such as coral reefs. Because the earth is becoming warmer so are the oceans and seas. The oceans becoming warmer are causing coral reef bleaching which is causing many coral reefs to die.  Also, there is becoming a higher level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which changes the chemistry of the seas and oceans.   It is also hurting wildlife communities. Their habitats are being destroyed; trees are being cut down for energy, which destroys their homes. Animals will have no shelter; this causes animals to become extinct.

How can we help and raise our voice?

We can try to:

  • Walk
  • Recycle
  • Use public transport
  • Conserve energy
  • Ride a bike to school or work
  • Take lifts in cars for example going in your friends car to school or home
  • Donate

Thank you for reading my post and please feel free to comment.

Keep Blogging,


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