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Student blogging challenge Week 1

Hello World,

This month I will be doing the student blogging challenge. Here is the first challenge:

Task 1

Task 1 is to compare yourself online and what you are like when you are off line.


When I am online I  am a fairly talkative person who wants to blog heaps and posts heaps of stuff.  When I am online I go on social media apps and look at photos of my friends and family. I am a talkative person as well beacause I talk alot with my friends on chat and talk about things like school and other stuff.  I also go on youtube and look at videos of Matilda the Musical, Harry potter and other things like that. I also go on other people’s blogs and have a look at them and comment on some of their posts that interest me.


When I am offline I am still quite talkative and talk to my friends at school and hang out with them. In my spare time I sing songs in my bedroom and look up other songs on youtube.  I also love to hang outside and play with my dog ruby and play with my younger sister Bronte. I am also not that quiet when I am offline because I talk with my friends and do things like that and I am never really that quiet.


Task 2

In this task we had to create a avatar and write about how it represents ourself.

Here is my Avatar-

Picture 4

My avatar represents me because I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I love sweet things and that is why I am holding an ice cream. I also love going on my computer and looking things up about Matilda the Musical, Harry potter and other things like that. I also love winter and that is why I am wearing jeans and a long sleeve jumper.


Task 3

Here is my about me page- http://bloggingwithaswimmer.edublogs.org/about-me/

These were all three activities that we had to do.

Keep Blogging,





  1. Great first post for the challenge Chloe! Love the way you described your avatar. But you might need to explain the abbreviations you mention in your about me section of the post.

  2. Hello Chloe,
    I love the way you described the comparing yourself online and offline. You put a lot of effort into it. I also like your avatar and how it seems a lot like you.

  3. Hi Chloe!

    I like your avatar! Look at mine on my blog!


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