Blogging Guidelines For my Blog


As a blogger I will


  • Never give personal information like School address, surnames, Date of birth, Where you live and other personal information
  • Ask people if you want to put they photo on your blog before putting on your blog.
  • Get your friends permission before you put up any photos
  • Don’t put your home email, street address, phone number.
  • Don’t say mean things on your blog.
  • Check your blog post before you post it on your blog to the world.
  • Write in full sentence not short sentences.
  • Check with an adult before posting videos and photos of your family.
  • Always edit your post
  • Check your punctuation and grammar
  • Don’t be rude online
  • All comments I will check before it will be visible on my blog.
  • Be polite don’t say mean or hurtful things
  • Write appropriate comments
  • Don’t use text talk
  • Do not take photos of you outside your house with your street name or school uniform.
  • Don’t give out your friends personal information
  • All students and children must have parental permission to use a blog
  • Posts should always be checked by Mrs T and Me before being posted.
  • Don’t be mean and rude on comments
  • Say encouraging tips without being mean and rude
  • Use humour
  • Ask yourself would you like your friends to see this.

From Chloe